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Spiders get some bad publicity. These creepy insects move quickly without warning in any direction. They have sticky webs. Yet, almost all types of spiders do not pose a threat to humans.

Normal house spiders are the Common House Spider, Jumping spiders, and the Wolf Spider.

There are two species in the southern United States that can cause serious harm when disturbed: the black widow and the brown recluse spider.


The Black Widow

The black widow is shiny black with the famous red hour glass on the abdomen. They are usually found in woodpiles and come inside in the firewood. They rarely bite, yet females are aggressive when protection her eggs.


The Brown Recluse

The brown recluse is light to dark brown with dark brown violin marking on the back. They are located mainly in the Midwest and south. The bite is defense. Males move farther from the nest and are more likely to be in shoes or items on the floor.



In any situation removing clutter and harborage sites would help prevent spiders in the home, garage and attics. Still they may come into your home, uninvited.