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Bed Bugs

About Bed bugs

Bed bugs are brown in color, changing to dark red after feeding on warm-blooded hosts, usually humans. They are usually nocturnal and feed at night on sleeping hosts.

Female bed bugs can deposit up to 5 eggs a day. Eggs usually hatch 7-20 days. If untreated, within four months there could be 9,600 bed bugs, leave them untreated for five months and the total is closer to 31, 500.

Adults can live up to a year without a blood meal. They travel long distances to get a meal. Estimates are as far as 100 feet between harborage sites. As far as entomologists know, bed bugs do not transmit any diseases. Bed bugs can be found anywhere there is a crack or crevice, including furniture, folds of mattress or box springs, picture frames, purses, electrical wall plates, etc. They do prefer warm places.

How They Travel

Bed bugs are carried into your home or business from any public place such as motels, movie theaters, buses, planes, lockers, etc.

Once you have identified or think you may have an infestation of bed bugs, immediately close the area off from people and animals so not to transfer the insects to other locations.

Where do bud bugs come from?

Bed Bugs are a crawling insect they can not fly so must be carried from place to place. These hitchhikers travel in suitcases or clothing, attaching themselves or there eggs to any moving object they come in contact with.
Bed bugs infest Bedframes, headboard, in furniture or even behind picture frames and switch plates.

We will explain the process of preparing your resident or structure for treatment.

Do not remove bedding, clothing, furniture, etc. before calling Phillips; this can relocate bed bugs to areas that are not infested. We can also provide a heat treatment to eliminate bed bug infestation to residential or commercial facilities. We will explain all preparation measures, treatment procedures prior to arriving for service.

Phillips provides a liquid residual treatment to all parts of the structure and rooms which provides on going protection against a new infestation that can be brought in days or weeks later. We also provide mattress and box prings encasements to help protect the bedding; these are zipper locked, moisture resistant, yet are washable if soiled.

Heat treatment is another valuable option in the fight against bud bugs. By place our thermostatic heating units in the residents or commercial buildings the bed bugs will have no place to hide.

If you feel or suspect a possibility of a bed bug infestation to your residence or property, Phillips Pest Control offers a free, confidential inspection.