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About Ants

Ants are rarely involved in disease transmission; their sheer numbers are overwhelming to the homeowner. Ants prefer living areas with moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms making them highly visible to the home owner.


Types Of Ants

  • Carpenter ants pose a concern due to the fact they can be damaging to the wood in the structure if not managed. They do not feed on wood but excavate areas for nesting sites.
  • Odorous house ants (“sugar ants”) are truly a nuisance because they have many queens and colonies. So, the sheer number is overwhelming to the homeowner. When crushed they emit an odor like rotten coconuts.
  • Pavement ants also have many queens, but they prefer to nest under pavement or rocks. They will forage into homes on food items and will feed on anything sweet or greasy. These do possess a stinger if they are caught near a human arm, hand, or leg.