Pest Control

Phillips provides a total pest control and elimination system. We provide service to residential, commercial, industrial settings in order to eliminate existing pests such as cockroaches, spiders, ants, silverfish, Asian beetles (lady bugs), carpenter bees, fleas, stinging insects, and other pests. And rodent control for rats and mice.

Health risks are associated with pests. Cockroaches make the list of the most frequent indoor allergies. Exposure to cast-off skins and airborne remains can produce a reaction in some individuals with asthma. Children and infants who have extended contact to roach infestations are more prone to have breathing issues the rest of their lives. Roaches, house flies, rats, mice and ants walk and feed on dirty items such as trash and feces droppings, carrying germs and bacteria across dishes, open food and utensils.

Phillips can customize a plan that would best handle your existing problems. Or as a preventative service to provide a pest free environment. Treatments can also consist of an Integrated Pest Management plan to provide monitoring and control with the most environmentally friendly manner possible in and around schools, day cares, homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and other locations.

Every residence and structure is unique; therefore Phillips' professional staff can adapt and tailor a pest free service specific to your property.

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