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Phillips provides service for problems birds, such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and geese, to commercial, industrial, coal preparation plants and silos, residential sites, airports, orchards, ponds, and lakes.  

Accumulation of bird droppings, especially pigeons, is one of the most common growth of the air-borne disease, histoplasmosis. We specialize in bird control around coal preparation plants, silos, and mining operations sites to eliminate accumulation of guano around electrical control panels, metal stairwells(which can cause slippage and falls for personnel), and stationary equipment. But the largest concern is the health issue of personnel coming in contact with guano on their clothing, gloves/hands, and shoes.

Other Services

Spraying of Polyurethane insulation onto walls, ceilings, roofing for heat, cooling, noise control to commercial or industrial structures to include gymnasiums, preparation plants, airport hangers, malls, etc.  

Seamless guttering for commercial or residential properties, with multiple shades of colors.

Retaining walls, commercial or residential.  Various colors and designs.

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