Bat Control

Bats, such as Little Brown Bat and Big Brown Bats, are beneficial to the environment. Unfortunately when bats take up residence in your property they become a nuisance and health concern. Bats left inside the attic area or cathedral ceilings can cause discoloration to the ceilings and leave an accumulation of guano droppings that can cause bacteria, the most prevalent is an air-borne disease to the lungs called histoplasmosis. Bats also carry parasites that can find their way into your living quarters called a bat bug, a blood sucking insect similar to the bed bug. Bats can also carry rabies and many other ectoparasites that can be harmful to people and animals.

Phillips can securely remove bats from your home or business and seal the structure in a fashion to eliminate a re-infestation.  Guano can be removed safely by Phillips and the odor neutralized. Phillips provides a parasite control treatment to the property as well.

Do not attempt to come into contact with the bats or guano. Call Phillips for more information or a free inspection.

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